top 3 reasons to squat

Squatting is the most fundamental movement on the planet. Squats were performed before humans even knew what the purpose of the movement was. Cavemen and women were squatting to sit and poop. In later years, squats were performed by strongmen to showcase insane feats of strength. Eventually, squats became main stream – body builders used them to build great physiques, while power lifters and Olympic weight lifters used them to become as strong as they possibly could.

In present day, everybody from athletes, mothers, fathers, daughters, sons in every occupation possible can benefit from squats for different purposes. Many variations of squats can be used to build strength and muscle, cut fat and lean out, relieve stress or assist in active recovery for those who have suffered past trauma or injuries. At the San Francisco Plastic Surgery and Laser Center, we approve of anything that can help us look and feel better in every way!

Here are our Top 3 Reasons to squat:

1) Endorphins
Exercise, such as squats relieve stress by creating endorphins! Endorphins are chemicals in your brain that creates positive feelings. A clear mind and positive thoughts will also allow you to make better decisions in life! Endorphins are one of the best ‘drugs’ out there and squats are a simple way to get them!

2) Build Strong Bones
Squats prevent osteoporosis, the break down of bones! Studies show that squats can help build strong bones, even in those who already have osteoporosis! Strong bones equal better health and longevity! What a great reason to squat some heavy weight!

3) Build Muscle – Burn Fat
Squats ultimately are a whole body workout – you’re using the legs primarily to lift the weight but also your core and midline to stabilize the weight as the barbell sits on your trapezius. Squats build muscle in your glutes, hamstrings and even abdominals! Those who are interested in getting lean or ripped need to build muscle mass. Muscle will ultimately burn fat – even during rest. The best exercise to build muscle and burn fat are squats. No questions asked.

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bay area butt lift


Worldwide, many have considered the procedure of a buttock augmentation. Those who consider an augmentation crave a more balanced and youthful appearance. Weight loss or aging can be another factor in considering a change for a more proportional bottom half. The enlargement of the buttocks has become so common in pop culture, that singer and actress Christina Milian shamelessly wore temporary buttock implants on the red carpet. In Milian’s new television show, “Christina Milian Turned Up”, she worries that her implants may move or even slip out. There is a more natural and safe option to implants such as using the body’s own body fat source to contour a beautiful behind. Fat grafting is a popular method, utilizing natural fat tissue to enlarge or reshape the buttocks otherwise known as the Brazilian butt lift. Fully shaped buttocks are proving to be a symbol of femininity and sensuality.


Dr. Usha Rajagopal does not use butt implants in her augmentation surgeries at the San Francisco Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center. Butt implants may harden over time and lose their natural shape. Surgery involves the incision of silicone implants which are closed with sutures. Other complications may include infection to the implants, and even nerve damage. In addition, special care for silicone implants include not being able to sit on the buttocks for about four weeks. In comparison, Brazilian butt lifts create a more natural, flattering shape with the use of the body’s natural fat. Fat transfer uses suction tubes to remove fatty tissue through liposuction from any area such as the hips, thighs, abdomen or back. The fat is reinjected and grafted at multiple levels. The patient may require up to three visits to the doctor for a permanent contoured behind using the body’s own resources. Fat grafting is an excellent way to contour the buttocks naturally. Recovery time for a Brazilian butt lift involves a one week period off from work, and three weeks away from heavy lifting or exercise.

If you’re looking for a Bay Area Butt Lift specialist, look no further than Dr. Rajagopal. Contact us today to set up a consultation to see if our butt lift procedure is right for you.  What are you waiting for?


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