top 3 reasons to squat

Squatting is the most fundamental movement on the planet. Squats were performed before humans even knew what the purpose of the movement was. Cavemen and women were squatting to sit and poop. In later years, squats were performed by strongmen to showcase insane feats of strength. Eventually, squats became main stream – body builders used them to build great physiques, while power lifters and Olympic weight lifters used them to become as strong as they possibly could.

In present day, everybody from athletes, mothers, fathers, daughters, sons in every occupation possible can benefit from squats for different purposes. Many variations of squats can be used to build strength and muscle, cut fat and lean out, relieve stress or assist in active recovery for those who have suffered past trauma or injuries. At the San Francisco Plastic Surgery and Laser Center, we approve of anything that can help us look and feel better in every way!

Here are our Top 3 Reasons to squat:

1) Endorphins
Exercise, such as squats relieve stress by creating endorphins! Endorphins are chemicals in your brain that creates positive feelings. A clear mind and positive thoughts will also allow you to make better decisions in life! Endorphins are one of the best ‘drugs’ out there and squats are a simple way to get them!

2) Build Strong Bones
Squats prevent osteoporosis, the break down of bones! Studies show that squats can help build strong bones, even in those who already have osteoporosis! Strong bones equal better health and longevity! What a great reason to squat some heavy weight!

3) Build Muscle – Burn Fat
Squats ultimately are a whole body workout – you’re using the legs primarily to lift the weight but also your core and midline to stabilize the weight as the barbell sits on your trapezius. Squats build muscle in your glutes, hamstrings and even abdominals! Those who are interested in getting lean or ripped need to build muscle mass. Muscle will ultimately burn fat – even during rest. The best exercise to build muscle and burn fat are squats. No questions asked.

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sprinting vs running

Sprinting vs Running – How can they effect what I look like?

Any and all exercise will help me obtain my body goals, right? You couldn’t be more wrong. There are very different types of bodies out there and to obtain those physiques, it takes very different types of exercise. You have to sit down and really think about what you want, then do the research, or better yet, talk to an expert to figure out what kind of exercises will help you reach your goals.

Do you dream of a muscular body like Beyonce or would you rather be long and lean like Taylor Swift? Do you want a waifey physique like Julie Bowen or do you prefer a more athletic look like Sofia Vergara? Sure, your genes will have a lot to say about this, but your workout routine might have an even bigger say. If you lift little weights for more repetitions you’re going to achieve a much leaner look than lifting heavier weights in smaller repetitions. Similarly, the type of running you do will give you totally different results.

There is a fitness myth that low intensity cardio like jogging and biking will burn more body fat than high intensity cardio. This is, in fact, just a myth! High intensity cardio like sprinting  will allow your body to burn more fat, and in a shorter amount of time. Just be careful and listen to your body!

Dr. Usha Rajagopal and her all female staff at the San Francisco Plastic Surgery and Laser Center tend to be very busy. So, when they heard they could burn more fat in less time, their time-effieciency-loving ears perked right up. We’re sharing what we learned below:

Long Distance Running
✔️ Takes time
✔️ Weakens bone density
✔️ Destroys joints

✔️ Fast and efficient
✔️ Increases metabolism throughout day
✔️ Increases endurance

✔️ Sprint Intervals
– Sprint 200m
– Rest 1minute
– Repeat 4x

✔️ Sprint For Time
– Sprint 400m
– Alternating Lunges 400m
– Sprint 300m
– Alternating Lunges 300m
– Sprint 200m
– Alternating Lunges 200m
– Sprint 100m
– Alternating Lunges 100m

✔️ As Many Sprints As Possible
– Set a 10 minute timer
– Sprint 200m
– 20 Push-ups
– Rest 30seconds
– Repeat till 10min are up!

So, in summary, sprinting is “more efficient” than jogging. It builds muscle, burns fat, and increases metabolism – all great things! Oh, and don’t forget it boosts endurance throughout the day! It all depends on what results you’re looking for, but in the sprinting vs running debate, sprinting is more efficient and easier on your joints.  The constant impact felt by long distance runners can destroy your bone density and cause a lot of joint pain – possibly forcing you into not exercising at all.

So next time you’re short on time but big on wanting to burn fat – consider a sprint workout rather than a long jog. You and your body might just thank you for this.

Is sprinting vs running isn’t your thing? Is neither working for you? If you are considering surgical options to help shape your body exactly how you want it, Dr. Usha Rajagopal has numerous procedures on offer. If you have questions or want to schedule a consultation, give us a call today — (415)392-3333.

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