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Perhaps one of today’s best known non-surgical cosmetic procedures is botox. From celebrities to the neighbor down the street, everyone seems to be getting a little here and a little there. Botox can help alleviate wrinkles and can be applied to number of areas on the face. Botox procedures can be done in a 10-15 minute visit to a doctors office and results can start to be seen in just 3-7 days while results can last for up to 4 months!  Botox is relatively safe and easy procedure to bring a fresh youthful look back to your face.

Before having a botox procedure performed, it’s important you know what botox is, how it works, where it can work and how much a general procedure should cost!

Here’s a preview to an article and quick reference guide on the basics of botox:

“Botulinum toxin (Botox) is the most popular nonsurgical procedure performed in the U.S. Botox is very safe when it is performed by a certified plastic surgeon.”

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