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A few recent Usha Rajagopal Yelp reviews:


ScreenHunter_140I love Dr. Rajagopal!  She has a great eye for what you “need” without making you look done.  She does not try to sell you things you don’t need.  She is gentle, and kind, and very charming (and awfully pretty, too).  I will certainly go back.

The staff here too are very sweet and accommodating.  I didn’t plan very well and they ran out and got me a sandwich.  I thought they were great!


ScreenHunter_141With injections being so common practice these days, there is no shortage of locations and practitioners who claim to offer the best prices and best service around. I feel like I have tried them all. The old adage is true, you get what you pay for. And when it comes to my body, I want the best.

Dr. Usha is an amazing woman and practicing doctor. She is kind, gentle, positive, extremely talented, intelligent, and of very high character. I have had consultations with her regarding various surgical procedures and she has always been very honest in explaining if I am a good candidate and discussing in depth what my expectations are and what the results would be from procedures. If I haven’t been a good candidate, she has recommended other technologies or procedures that she has seen (with her own eyes) the benefits from…and the kicker is, she has referred me to OTHER practices which just shows how dedicated she is to her patients. She has an amazing eye for injecting and a great ear for her patients so you always come out looking natural and amazing. I cannot recommend her enough.

Her office staff is great and she now has a new nurse who I have worked with as well and I find she too is talented. Holding the aging process at bay is truly an art form. =)


ScreenHunter_142Excellent doctor. I will definitely come back. She made me feel very comfortable when I was nervous about the anesthesia. The doctor has many certificates, awards, and degrees in her office and her work shows how great she is. Excellent service as well. Jennifer, the nurse, is great as well. The staff are all very kind and helpful. Stop searching for a doctor because she is great. I’m also in no pain at all!


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