Can You Undo Your Tattoo?

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Tattoo snafu? Dr. Usha Rajagopal can help!

Tattoos no longer have to have the same staying power as the olden days. We all change over time, and eventually tattoos we loved in the past may not be as cherished now as they once were. Now we have the choice to say goodbye to unwanted ink. At San Francisco Plastic Surgery and Laser Center, we’ve helped countless patients part ways with tattoos they’re no longer happy with. So, if you’ve got some ink you’re wanting to out in your past, we can help. We’ve been among the best Bay Area tattoo removal providers since 1997.

Chances are f you’re considering parting ways with your ink, you probably have a lot of questions. What exactly does it entail? Does it hurt? How does it work? How much will it cost? How many sessions will it take? With so many questions weighing on your mind, we wanted to share this article by Corrie Shenigo as posted on Smart Beauty Guide in March 2015.  It gives a bit of history on tattoo removal as well as some insight on the latest technology for getting rid of those unwanted tattoos. But most importantly it is written by someone with a tattoo they’re wanting to undo.

Here’s a preview of Corrie’s great article:

“(Through the years my tattoo) has become something that I’m less and less jazzed about. Regret is probably too strong a word — in fact, I don’t think about it that often as it’s strategically placed somewhere I can’t see without enlisting the help of a mirror — but when I’m pining over the low-back of an award-season dress or shopping for a vacation bikini I often think, “Hmm… I wonder what would happen if I attempted to undo my tattoo?”

For more about Corrie’s journey through tattoo removal READ THE FULL ARTICLE

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